For the families of surgical children, who need to stay away from their homes over long periods of time, A.B.C. provides free accommodation in Trieste
, one flat is right opposite the Burlo hospital and the others are just 10 minutes away by bus from the hospital. The flats are designed to make families feel like home and are equipped with everything they need.

A.B.C. volunteers are there to welcome parents and relatives, and they give all the organisational and logistical information they might need. They also give directions to families, and help them find their way around as well as dealing with the everyday routine.

The project was created not only with the aim of relieving families who are already experiencing hardship by providing them with economic help, but above all to give them a comfortable place, where they can recharge their batteries and rest, so that they can devote all of their energies to caring for their children.A place where they can set their intense emotions free  because, after all, even in a difficult moment like the one parents go through during their children’s hospitalisation, a home provides reassurance and comfort.

A.B.C. also helps families with travel and living expenses during their stay.