The world of A.B.C.

Some children have to undergo major surgery at an early age, and spend part of their childhood in hospital.
The malformations with which they are born require complex and time-consuming surgeries that leave a trace on their lives.

Together with the volunteers, the doctors of the IRCCS Burlo Garofolo surgical unit and the donors, we stand by the young patients and their families every day throughout the child’s care: before, during and after hospitalisation.

We want to be at their side in the difficult journey they face rom a practical, emotional and psychological point of view. Since 2005, we have been offering free accommodation in our Homes in Trieste, which were made available to parents coming from outside the city, as well as psychological support in the hospital throughout the treatment, and the daily presence of volunteers on the ward.

We support Burlo by donating cutting-edge specialist equipment, training medical and paramedical staff, supporting scientific research and equipping the surgical unit for it to become increasingly child-friendly.

Our mission

We want to see all children born with malformations grow up.
This is why we help young patients facing multiple and complex surgeries, we welcome and listen to their families.
We believe that the emotions and other related aspects are integral parts of the surgical process.
This is why we promote a vision of care that, alongside clinical excellence, focuses on the emotional and personal sphere of children and their parents.


Our history

A.B.C. – Associazione per i Bambini Chirurgici del Burlo onlus was born out of a feeling of gratitude towards the IRCCS Burlo Garofolo Hospital for Mothers and Children in Trieste. It was founded by a couple of parents, Giusy Battain and Luca Alberti, after they had a tough personal experience with their first-born son Riccardo, who was diagnosed with a tumour malformation when he was still in his mother’s belly.

After long surgical treatments at the Burlo hospital, little Riccardo was cured.

On the basis of their experience, the parents decided to set up an association to support children affected by malformations, who are hospitalized in the Burlo surgical unit, and their families.