Some children have to undergo major surgeries at an early age, and spend part of their childhood in hospital.
The malformations with which they are born require complex and repeated surgeries.

his is why every child’s condition leaves an important mark on their lives.

Children with malformations requiring surgeries and treatments have special needs and have to face complex problems.

When parents receive a diagnosis of a malformation, they will need to support their children during surgeries, and this experience inevitably impacts on their lives.. These harsh trials they are continually subjected to can really cause emotional disorders both within the couple and, in the future, in the child, too.

In addition, repeated trips and long periods away from home, from family and from friends, are often necessary. Surgical procedures are complex and the family often needs to return to Trieste several times.

However, it happens very often that those who have the role of supporting the child – i.e. parents and other family members – are themselves faced with problems, fears and worries.

For the child to be able to process the surgical experience, it is therefore important to support the family in every aspect – be it logistical, financial, emotional, psychological – so that they can play the role they need to play: being a source of strength and reassurance for the child throughout the treatment.

In order to meet these needs, A.B.C. launches projects to accommodate and support families, and it also supports the Burlo hospital by contributing to purchasing medical equipment, to training the staff and to the general enhancement of the surgical unit, for it to become increasingly child-friendly.