Being told that your child was diagnosed with a malformation in the prenatal period is a harsh event for parents.

As a consequence, it is important to support and help parents, for them to be able to tolerate what is happening to their child and family, and to prevent future problems.

A.B.C., in collaboration with the IRCCS Burlo Garofolo Hospital for Mothers and Children, has developed a project to support families with a qualified psychotherapist, who is at the family’s side on a daily basis, and remains at the parents’ side throughout the treatment process, starting from the first ultrasound scan in which the malformation was diagnosed.

The constant presence of the psychotherapist complements that of the medical staff and operators, giving parents and the young patients a coordinated response from the very first ultrasound scan.

Psychological support for the families and for the staff involved plays a restraining role and helps manage the emotions resulting from the diagnosis of malformation. It fosters trust between the doctor and the patient, improves how the diagnosis is communicated, and creates a space in which parents can find the vital resources they need to deal with the reality they are experiencing.

This three-year project started in 2019.