The “A scuola con A.B.C.: educazione e formazione alla cultura del volontariato e dell’inclusione” (At school with A.B.C.: volunteering and inclusion education and training) project brings diversity and volunteering issues into the classroom.

The project shows children and adolescents the importance of respect for themselves and others, mutual help and appreciation of individual uniqueness.

Sharing volunteering experiences, telling the stories and emotions experienced by peers in the Burlo’s Surgery Ward encourages students to identify with that situation and the related emotional experience.

This allows them to understand how those emotions are the same as those experienced by everyone else, even if in different conditions and situations.

Listening to others’ history and respecting their uniqueness is the key to self respect.

The project gives young people the opportunity to understand that it is crucial to participate in creating a welcoming, altruistic and non-judgemental world if we wish to be welcomed and helped by others.

The project consists of five meetings where students can access dynamic and interactive activities that make young people reflect on individual uniqueness. We are the result of a personal story, a set of different experiences worthy of being told and respected.
In addition to these five meetings under the project, the school may choose to start several planned activities, where studentswill be an active part of a social growth project by volunteering for A.B.C. fund-raising.

Here are some of the drawings made by students in last school year.

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